we just got back from two weeks in tennessee and are attempting to get back into our normal routines. we were so excited to find out that carter's job would be shutting down for a few days around the fourth. we packed our bags and booked a flight home.

we spent the first week in knoxville with carter's family. while it's only been five weeks since we had last been with them, when you live five hundred miles away, that can feel life a like a lifetime. we are always so grateful for their excitement and hospitality any time we visit.

as usual, my mother in law had big plans for the holiday weekend. as for the rest of the week, we spent our time at all of our favorite places. we caught up with friends, enjoyed happy hour, and watched the world cup at crown and goose. we spent an afternoon in the mountains. we finally got to visit flow for an afternoon pick me up. we spent time with our wild nephews. and we enjoyed a little date night in market square, grabbing drinks at the library (the holden caulfield + molly bloom are the best) and picking up a pizza for a movie night at home.

our days in knoxville are always filled with chaos and excitement. and we miss it everytime we have to say goodbye. click here to see older posts from our visits.

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