a morning spent driving up to waimea canyon, the grand canyon of the pacific. the drive was beautiful, winding roads surrounded by red clay with the sea dissapearing in the rear view. we stopped along the way, getting out to explore on foot. and then we arrived. everyone was silent while taking in the breathtaking views. and then a lot of jurassic park jokes ensued. a great morning, indeed. 


we woke up, still rather early, on our third day in kauai feeling exhausted. we were sore from the activities the day before and were all moving slowly. we took our time waking up sipped coffee on the porch before heading to joe's on the green for breakfast. joe's is an open air cafe connected to a golfcourse and was our favorite breakfast spot in town. 

afterwards, we stopped by shipwreck beach to check it out and take a few photos. we decided to head home and grab our things for a relaxing day in the sun. shipwreck beach has the most breathtaking cliffs that you can hike up to and explore. we spent hours throughout the week up there, soaking up the sun and watching locals jump into the sea below.  


thanks to the jet lag, we all woke up around five am on our second day in kauai. we drank coffee on the balcony while making plans for the day. i think everyone was on a high from the previous afternoon and all that we did in just a few short hours after arriving. while my mom and dad booked a kayaking trip, we drove down to the kukui'ula shopping center to grab a quick breakfast. we stopped by living foods gourmet market and picked up acai bowls to enjoy on the porch. after breakfast, we went home to pack for a day on the wailua river. 

we drove up the coast and made it to the outfitters to meet our guide, dominic. after a short drive and some elvis facts, we arrived to the boat launch. we kayaked a few miles up the winding river, against the wind and beneath the trees to the secret falls. it was a short hike to the falls through a lush, tropical forest. the trail was lined with ginger roots and fallen mango and it smelled like heaven. we stopped and enjoyed lunch at the falls surrounded by chickens before hiking back to our boats. another short trip up the river found us at a popular swimming spot. carter and i decided to hang back with the other guides while everyone took turns on the cliffs before heading back. on the trip back, we reminisced about the good ole' days, kayaking on the creek we lived on in charleston and how much we missed it. and that maybe we could do a summer on the island... it's amazing what your mind can dream up in a single moment. 

we were all pretty exhausted once we made it back to the south shore. we decided cold beverages were the only answer and went to brennecke's for mai tai's + lava flows. and food too, i guess. we spent the rest of the evening relaxing. we went to check out spouting horn before ending the night on brennecke beach. we watched the sea turtles swim to shore and the sky melt into cotton candy before calling it a day. 


catalina weekender bag ℅ lo and sons

we recently returned from a trip to the island of kauai for an overdue family vacation. we met my family in phoenix before taking a smaller than anticipated plane over to hawaii. it's been years since any of us have been on a flight longer than a few hours, so we all loaded up our ipads with things to keep busy. i downloaded a few seasons of parks and recreation + the office and it helped the flight pass by like a breeze. 

we spent the week on the south shore at the villas at poipu kai. our villa was surrounded by palm trees and tropical gardens. we woke up early each morning, thanks to the time change, and spent the days doing as much as we possibly could. i can't wait to share more photos + video from all of the beautiful places we visited. here are a few from our first day on the island. 


yesterday, my darling husband turned another year older.

while he worked the first half of the day, i picked up a few of his favorite things; tickets to a concert, his favorite beer, and a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake.

we spent the afternoon playing putt-putt and drinking wine on the patio of il lazzerone before a storm blew in and forced us inside. we shared the most delicious bruschetta and neopolitan pizza before heading home to open gifts and blow out birthday candles. naturally, we devoured half of the cake in one sitting and were in bed by ten. tonight, we drove down to kansas city to see phish at the starlight theatre. we arrived early for dinner + drinks that were included in our tickets. the concert was so much fun and we hung around for as long we could in the haze of nag champa before carter called it a night. he has been suffering from a lot of pain in his foot lately and we are just praying it will not call for another surgery. so, we came home, ate more cake, and crawled into bed where he is currently snoring away. 

happy birthday, husband. twenty eight sure looks good on you!