after a short trip to knoxville, i decided to extend my visit and spend a few days at home in nashville. we always fly in and out of nashville thanks to southwest air and it helps us be able to see both of our families on any given trip home. i had been struggling with some homesickness the past few weeks so as hard as it was to send carter back to kansas city, we both knew i just needed a few days in a familiar space.

my main hopes were to meet with my doctor and begin discussing family planning and what that looks like. unfortunately, the closest appointment was four months out. instead of moping around, i decided to take advantage of the "me time" and treat myself to some of my favorite spots in town. i met friends for coffee, tried to eat something other than acai bowls and ice cream all weekend, and took several walks around the city. when my mom found out i would be staying for a few extra days, she mentioned to me that she had tickets to ed sheeran and asked if i would be interested in going. i'll admit, i'm a fan. i found this song years and years ago and have listened to it hundreds of times. when we got to the concert, we found out that christina perri was opening for him and that didn't mean much to my mom until this song started playing.... and then she cried, so i cried and it was just a moment that felt really special and i will always remember. also, i think i've mentioned crying in several posts now. don't worry, i'm so fine. i'm just a firm believer in a good cry. 

i'm now back in the midwest for a few weeks until our anniversary trip to colorado! it feels so good to be back in our little home and preparing for fall and everything that is ahead these next few months.


hello from knoxville! 

we took a last minute trip home for the long holiday weekend. we spent a few days loving on family. we enjoyed the warm weather walking around market square. spent a morning at the farmer's market before trying out the new frussies deli. we took our nephews fishing and watched their faces light up when they caught their first fish. hiked the chimney tops trail. watched the fireworks at the last boomsday. and celebrated our one year wedding anniversary!!!! we're now off to spend a few nights in nashville. 


yesterday we celebrated one whole year of marriage! we woke up early, packed a cooler, picked up donuts, and headed east to max patch mountain. the drive was beautiful. we listened to ben howard as we made our way between the smokies and the blue ridge mountains. there was fog. everything was still covered in dew. and there was an unexplainable feeling of happiness all around. we took our time hiking up to the field. once there, we picked a spot, laid a blanket out, and popped champagne for celebratory mimosas. i cried, as usual. and it was just the two of us in those early morning hours. 

i've always loved this spot. but something changed for both of us this day. and i think we will be returning for years to come to celebrate all of life's little joys. life sure is special with him by my side. 


while visiting family in knoxville, we decided to spend a day in the smoky mountains. one of our favorite hikes is the chimney tops trail. the last time we were here the trail was covered in ice and snow and we barely made it past the first mile. during this trip, we took our time going up, stopping along the way to admire just how green everything was. 

once we reached the top, we attempted to climb a little ways up the rock but the surface was so hot from the sun that it burned to the touch. we ended up hiking down and cooling off in the river for a while. carter was truly in his happy place and i love those photos a lot.