a few days ago we travelled home to tennessee after carter's grandfather passed away. we spent a long weekend surrounded by family and trying to be of comfort to his grandmother. he had suffered the last couple of months from an undiagnosed illness, that left him in pain most days. thankfully, that last week was a good one, and from what we were told, he was his usual, joyful self. there was no other man more excited to meet his father in heaven and there is a lot of peace in that. 

we decided to build a bonfire in the backyard one afternoon. we walked through the woods collecting sticks and gathering up piles of leaves. our nephews enjoyed jumping around and throwing said leaves all over me and in return, i enjoyed listening to their silly laughs as they disappeared underneath the piles. when the sun went down, we ate dinner by the fire and roasted "shmarsh-shmellows" (cuteness overload courteousy of miles flynn.)

a few photos above and hopefully soon, a video, too.

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