SO LONG, 2016!

another year has come and gone and what a year it has been! i am welcoming the new year with open arms and an open mind. 

happy new year to all of you! and thank you from the bottom of my heart for following along. 


when we first moved into this home, we were so excited about it's potential. we are still renting and didn't want to throw too much money into a home that truly isn't ours but a fresh coat of white paint true transformed this little cottage. for months we talked about decorating for the holidays. it's our favorite time of year and filled with so many traditions. we couldn't wait to put up our tree, hang stockings on our (first!!!) mantle, and do so much more. here's a few photos from the last week. we've been adding more greenery and lights by the day! happy holidays, friends! 


over the weekend, we ventured out to bluebird tree farm to pick out a christmas tree for our tiny cottage. we have been so excited to decorate for the holidays ever since we moved in earlier this year. we say each year that we can't believe how quickly december not only sneaks up on us, but how quickly it goes by, too. so, with this year being our first thanksgiving in nearly a decade that required no travel, my husband exclaimed that a new tradition has formed - we will pick out our christmas tree over the long weekend that follows thanksgiving and begin our holiday traditions.

our visit to the tree farm was quick and easy. we explored the property and walked otis through the christmas trees, hoping he would find a favorite and that would be our pick. but with the drought we experienced this year, we were informed that while picking a tree out this early, it would be best to pick a pre-cut tree to ensure it lasts until christmas. we found the perfect fluffy fraser fir and spent the next ten minutes talking about dogs with the nicest man who wrapped our tree up before heading home to decorate.

we are so excited for another christmas together and to be spending it in tennessee.



i've finally come out of the great food coma of 2016 which was the long thanksgiving weekend. this year, it was our turn to spend thanksgiving at home in knoxville. i started the weekend off with baking pumpkin pies with my mother in law and nephews, which is a miller family tradition. we spent the rest of wednesday with friends, catching up into late in the evening.

on thursday, we drove over to my in-laws in our pjs to watch the parade and look at the ads in the newspaper while sipping on mimosas. we came back a few hours later for lunch and feasted on all of the thanksgiving greats. no photos because, we all eat about the same thing, right? :)

after lunch, we celebrated my sister-in-law's birthday with the most delicious lemon and raspberry cake and a few gifts. while most of the family played football, i hung back with otis and took a few photos.

it was a another special holiday together and i am left feeling full. literally and figuratively. happy thanksgiving to you and yours! xx


over the weekend we threw our first halloween party! since halloween was on a monday this year, we wanted a night to dress up, enjoy a few cocktails, and not worry about being in bed early (even though we still were!) we decided on thursday that we would throw together what we could, build a bonfire, and invite whoever could make it. we set up a drink table outside complete with drinks, test tube shooters, and spooky ghost straws. inside we had halloween music playing along with the tennessee football game and a long table filled with chips, dips, veggies, and treats. we had so much fun testing out our costumes and hanging out by the fire. we are already looking forward to next year being bigger, better, and planned more than a day in advance! 


happy halloween from bob + linda belcher and their prized burger! we're hosting our first halloween party and are in the midst of transforming our backyard for a night of green cocktails, spooky treats, and a bonfire with friends.


last weekend we visited the farmer's market on a morning that felt like the middle of fall but quickly turned into summer. tennessee is being awfully fickle this year. we grabbed coffee and walked through the sea of people enjoying one of the last few markets of the year. i think fall may be my favorite season for the farmer's market. wildflower bundles of burgundy and rose, the smell of pumpkin bread and cinnamon, and the cool bite to the air. 

we picked up the most delicious nutter butter cookie from our favorite bakery and shared it while watching the market goers pass by. i'm sad that these mornings will be over soon. they have been a nice way to begin our weekends since moving back to tennessee.