greetings from the greatest place on earth, colorado! i'm here to share the already overload of iphone photos taken these past few days. we are currently here in boulder with one of our best friends and are spending an extra long weekend venturing through the state.

on wednesday, carter and i drove to denver to spend the night in the city. we stayed downtown and had a pretty terrible hotel experience... and we lived in hotels for years. we spent the evening exploring downtown by foot as best as we could. i am still recovering from a severe ankle sprain that resulted from dancing too hard to journey last weekend. we grabbed dinner and drinks and walked bundled up arm in arm under twinkling lights before calling it a night.

thursday morning, we stopped into amethyst coffee co. for lattes and a sweet treat before heading to the airport to pick up our friend. i love the minimalist decor of that place. the lattes were delicious too. after our airport pickup, we drove north to spend two days in boulder. we had a few hours to kill before checking into our airbnb, so we grabbed brunch at snooze, hiked around chatauqua park and wandered through pearl street in the meantime. our place in boulder was amazing! our host was a local artist with a huge passion for music and community. i knew it was the perfect fit when we walked into the living space and a shrine to david bowie hung before me. we spent the rest of the afternoon showing vern around boulder before consuming lots of beer and dinner at mountain sun brewery.

this morning, we grabbed breakfast at foolish craigs and stopped into alpine modern and our favorite print shop before heading to our next destination.

we're off to estes park to spend a few hours in the woods! follow along on instagram here.


on our seventh valentine's day together, we celebrated it just as we did our first. only a little more grown up. he still cooked a delicious meal; bacon wrapped filets with grilled asparagus. we still danced around a kitchen. this time, ours. we exchanged long, love letters. i still cried. but this year, we dressed up. we sipped red wine out of beautifully engraved glasses, gifts from our wedding. and we loved much deeper. seven years of it. and as much as i can understand how many do not care for valentine's day. for us two saps who have more cheese than we know what to do with, we will continue to celebrate. because that's our life secret, celebrate everything.