on our last full day in colorado, we headed west to check out breckenridge and a few surrounding towns. we took our time driving over, stopping a few times in dillon and silverthorne to admire the views. once we made it to breckenridge, we wandered up and down main street. the only photo carter wanted was next to that welcome sign! i couldn't get over the aspen trees lining the streets and the leaves covering the ground. after enjoying lunch at motherloaded tavern, we met up again with rob who decided to camp with us that night.

we ended up finding an open campsite in frisco where a kind older man/park ranger warned us about a cold front blowing in. by the time we set up our tents and got a fire started, the temperature had hit freezing. we bundled up by the fire, made dinner, and listened to music until we couldn't take the cold anymore. we slept in layers and with hand warmers throughout our bags but still woke up with frost in our hair. to warm up, we made a fire burning the rest of our wood. we packed our site up at record speed and snapped a few photos before heading back to denver to drop rob off.

the ten hour drive back to missouri was long. i was trying to prepare myself mentally and emotionally for the next few weeks. but those few days in the mountains were just what my soul needed. i know it isn't the same for everyone, but i highly recommend relieving your stress in the great outdoors. 

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  1. Holy cow, Colorado is gorgeous! Your pictures capture it's beauty so well.

    I agree that the great outdoors is the best way to relieve stress and find balance in life again.


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