technically, there was no camping on day two of our colorado trip. we did, however, wake up in a tent. after breakfast and packing up our site, we did a short hike to alberta falls. the trail was lined with aspen trees and we hiked up the mountain under a sea of yellow leaves. visiting colorado in the fall was one of the greatest decisions we've ever made and now i want to visit every year from here on out. 

after the hike, we drove down to boulder to grab coffee and so that carter could do a little work. we ended up at boxcar coffee on pearl street and both got burned by the sun as we sat outside. that's colorado weather for you, completely unpredictable. 

we drove down to morrison to check out the park before the concert that night. red rocks blew my mind. i felt so small standing beneath the huge formations that surrounded the area. and i loved watching people running the stairs and doing yoga. it made me slightly jealous that so many of my favorite bands play shows here underneath the stars and that these locals have this beautiful place. 

we checked into a hotel nearby to shower and clean up before heading back to red rocks to meet our friend, rob, who was also in town for the show. daughter started the night off and my heart was feeling all the things. ben howard was even better than the first time we saw him. we sat there in the rain, singing along and slightly buzzed. it was an emotional night for me with everything going on back home but it was a night i'll always remember. 

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