over the weekend we planned a day trip up to the mountains to enjoy the fall foliage. with the warm weather and lack of rain here in tennessee, i've been a little bummed that we aren't experiencing a full fall season. the leaves are either dying before changing or changing extremely late, which i fear means, one day it will truly feel like autumn and the next all the leaves will be gone and it will be winter. maybe that's a little dramatic but, oh well.

we dropped otis off at doggy daycare so he could play all day with his friends. we drove up to the park and made our way to metcalf bottoms to get out and hike around a bit. as you can see, there is still a lot of green on those trees. we decided to drive further up the mountain to find some fall colors. we stopped at one of our favorite spots and found a sea of yellow trees. afterwards, we drove back down to hike a mile up a new trail. it was getting late and we started thinking about pizza, so we turned around and drove straight to barley's where we ended the day with pizza and a few cold beers.

we left feeling so thankful to call this place home again.

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