i've finally come out of the great food coma of 2016 which was the long thanksgiving weekend. this year, it was our turn to spend thanksgiving at home in knoxville. i started the weekend off with baking pumpkin pies with my mother in law and nephews, which is a miller family tradition. we spent the rest of wednesday with friends, catching up into late in the evening.

on thursday, we drove over to my in-laws in our pjs to watch the parade and look at the ads in the newspaper while sipping on mimosas. we came back a few hours later for lunch and feasted on all of the thanksgiving greats. no photos because, we all eat about the same thing, right? :)

after lunch, we celebrated my sister-in-law's birthday with the most delicious lemon and raspberry cake and a few gifts. while most of the family played football, i hung back with otis and took a few photos.

it was a another special holiday together and i am left feeling full. literally and figuratively. happy thanksgiving to you and yours! xx

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