marfa || el cósmico

good morning from marfa!

we woke up at el cosmico and were blown away by how mesmerizing this place is during the day. gravel trails that lead to tee-pees, yurts adorned with colorful patterns, and fun airstreams intricately placed around the property. a fire pit to hang out with fellow campers. an outdoor kitchen area for small gatherings. it was amazing. every little detail made me feel so at home.  kaley and i stayed in the battleship airstream while ann and sami stayed nearby.

we made a chemex and sipped our coffee on the porch while getting in some good "catch up time"... you know what i'm talking about... when you see your best friend after a year or so and have to fill them in on all the things in like twenty minutes time? that's basically how all of my friendships work these days -- hello being a small business owner!

anyways, after a few photos in our we walked over to meet the other girls and snap a few photos around the property. we each picked up a few souvenirs from their amazing gift shop and were off for breakfast burritos.

thanks for having us, el cosmico! i can't wait to get back someday.

greetings from marfa!

greetings from marfa!

this morning i hopped on a plane and flew to texas to meet up with a few gals from the midwest and celebrate the upcoming wedding of one of my closest friends, kaley. it seems like we've been dreaming about marfa for years, so we all flew to texas and headed west.

we stopped for coffee and breakfast before getting on the road. after a few hours of random stops, three hail storms, and a lot of george straight records, we arrived at the prada installation just outside of marfa. we jumped out of the car to grab as many photos as quickly as we could before the storm hit.

we still had some time before check in so we drove straight to stelina where we enjoyed the most delicious summer veggie pasta and a few glasses of rose.

from there we headed to el cosmico to check in to our airstreams for the night. i'll be sharing this trip in a few posts and i can't wait for you to see this place in the daylight!


we are in the middle of the mildest winter in as long as anyone can remember. and some days, that's okay with me. in tennessee where it doesn't snow, winter can just be ugly and miserably cold. so when the news predicted that we would have a weekend of snow in the same week of sixty degree temperatures, us tennesseans just crossed our fingers and prayed for a blizzard. okay, maybe just me.


in between the christmas and birthday celebrations, we spent the few days we had free out and about in nashville and franklin. we visited my favorite coffee shops like barista parlor, honest coffee roasters, and fido. with all of our coffee shop hopping, i made sure to wear my new coffee tree bracelet from the kula project. i urge you to check out their website and see the incredible work they are doing in rwanda! we did some window shopping in downtown franklin and the 12 south neighborhood. we spent a beautiful morning grabbing breakfast, checking out a few antique shops, and driving through leiper's fork. and we finished off the trip with a night of bowling at king's. 

as always, no visit is ever long enough! until next time, nashville!