i've been attempting to get back in the swing of things around here but a busy freelance schedule demands otherwise. after a particularly stressful week, i found the next one to be filled with fun projects and meetings with new friends. it was just what my soul needed. more on that later --

these were a few moments from today.

- a quiet morning of work + writing in bed. i like to spend this time making lists of things that need to get done and also a list of dreams or goals. i love my rifle paper co + moleskine notebooks.

- i've also been making a lot of scrambles for breakfast and found a protein packed one i love. filled with turkey sausage, rosemary, roasted sweet potatoes, and eggs. (and a lot of times, benton's bacon!)

- i snapped a self portrait of myself for the first time in months? i'd say taking a step back from the blogging world and being in front of a camera has shifted my confidence when it comes to photos these days. but i'm working on that.

- just before my thirtieth birthday, my friends over at le labo fragrances sent me their new special release perfume and i. am. in. love.

- and ending the afternoon with a little work in one of my favorite coffee shops in town.

- not pictured... the best family time all piled up on the couch and then sobbing to this is us!

tuesdays, i like you.